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We know that running a  business requires a great deal of  time, effort, and dedication.  Running a profitable business requires accurate accounting and review of monthly financial statements.  We can organize and analyze your financial information so that  you'll be able to answer the following questions:
▪ Is there enough working capital? 
▪ Are  advertising costs too high? 
▪ Is the company in good financial condition? 
▪ What is the inventory turnover rate? 

Once you have all the financial data, you can make better management decisions and create a plan to  increase your profits.  We can  help you with the financial details.  We can help you increase your profits.

Afable Consulting provides personalized and professional accounting services.  We have an accounting system for your specific industry.  We can fulfill all your accounting needs, or train your personnel to do the detailed work.  

Here is a listing of our business services...

▪ Bookkeeping
▪ Bank Reconciliations 
▪ Budgeting 
▪ Account Analysis 
▪ Payroll Services 
▪ Financial Statement Preparation 
▪ Forecasting
▪ Computerized Accounting (QuickBooks, Peachtree)

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In today's fast-paced environment, we understand how important technology is to your business. Even minor outages can have a drastic impact in your processes and cost your company a lot of money.

We can help ensure that your technology works for you: from your handheld devices and your computers to your data and your network. These are all essential to your professional and personal productivity.

We are experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of business technologies.  For example, in the corporate environment, we've assisted with large-scale software and hardware deployments and have supported a multitude of proprietary applications. We've provided technical support and maintenance to small businesses. And assisted with one-on-one training to individual users.

Our knowledge and experience can be important assets to your business. 

We can Help! 

With our experience and knowledge you can rest assure that we'll find a solution to your technical problem. With our convenient location, we can be there quickly. 

With our reasonable rates, you'll save time and money. 

We'll be happy to assist you.

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Some of Our Projects

Cabling - fiber optic


65" TV mounting with hidden cables


46" TV mounting with hidden cables